What apps can you get on a windows phone

what apps can you get on a windows phone

In a big announcement this week, Microsoft said it will make it easier for developers to get their apps on the Windows Phone Store as part of. Instantly download apps for your Windows phone to your smartphone. Browse Sky Sports for Windows Phone . These transportation apps will get you there. Discover apps for Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and mobile, tips, tutorials and videos, and much more. The website created to help you enjoy the best. WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging service available on most mobile operating systems, as well as Windows ceasar palace Mac. Yes Microsoft needs to move faster with this new OS and get top Developers on board with UWP! McDonalds sells more fries than Wendy's This one is particularly deluded if you don't mind me saying. We're almost all on Facebook, whether we like it or not, and the Facebook app for Windows Phone is polished and feature-rich.


Official YouTube app for Windows Phone - Quick tour what apps can you get on a windows phone

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And even take advantage of the fact that there are other platforms that you can EASILY move to. WhatsApp allows you to send free text messages over the internet, saving you the cost of sending SMS. Don't waste your time mate, it will be the same here till MS pulls the plug. So, personally, it's down to the social apps and banking apps and the like, that are really highlighting the issues. It may already do this, I don't know, but if not it would be interesting to see what would happen if the app bridges were also reversible. New and rising apps Show all.