Storm code

storm code

Bowlingball - Bowlingkugel - Storm - Code Black. ; Lieferzeit: (Ausland abweichend); Versandgewicht: kg je Stück. Auswahl des Ballgewichts. Watch Tony Ruocco, Curlie Becton and Dustin create havoc with the Storm Code Black. Bowlingball STORM Code Black. N E U H E I T. Endlich wieder da, legendärer Ball! Artikel-Nr.: statt** ,00 EUR nur ,25 EUR Inhalt: 1 Stück. I got the code black today and I struck almost every time my average is and tonight I averaged I can't believe it and I'm really happy I chose this ball. The RAD4 Core was an engineering breakthrough for Storm. Because Brunswick rates the Quantum Pearl more for medium oil, you may see the Code Black is slightly stronger because it is rated to handle medium to heavy oil. It features an extremely dense modified disc shape that generates substantial torque. These balls can create more area at cazino free games break point and will respond to friction faster at the break point than symmetrical balls. Something went wrong while submitting your email. storm code


Storm Code Black Bowling Ball Motion Video